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Anna Duggins: Turning Dreams into Legacies

Originally from the small town of Hart, Anna Duggins has lived in Michigan her whole life. She moved to Muskegon to practice law and has worked at Parmenter Law since 1997. Her love of the lakeshore and passion for helping people has kept Anna here ever since. 

Anna works in estate planning and is a professional advisor to various community members. She enjoys working with families and helping them through transitional times in their lives. Whether you are welcoming a child, looking forward to retirement, facing the loss of a spouse, or coming to terms with a challenging diagnosis, Anna wants to be by your side. 

“I get to share in people’s very personal and difficult situations, and I think ‘My gosh, what a privilege to be one of the very first that they call,’” said Anna. “It’s very rewarding to help my clients plan and see their dreams come to life and turn into legacies.” 

Looking back, the Lawrence and Violet Collins Music Fund was one of the first that Anna remembers facilitating – and soon became her favorite! The Collins Foundation has supported music scholarships and free-of-charge professional productions to the residents of Muskegon for many years, including an annual concert at the Frauenthal Center. Margaret DeLaurier was president of the Collins Foundation for 21 years and, in her final months, oversaw the transfer of the assets and programming of the Collins Foundation to the Community Foundation. 

“When someone wants to plan their giving and has many ideas but can’t decide on one specific organization or area, the Community Foundation is a great option because agreements can be handled directly,” said Anna. “Donors have the flexibility to change their minds and focus on multiple different giving priorities, which is key.”

To Anna, working with the Community Foundation is rewarding because of relationship building and the collaborative effort she and her clients benefit from. She has always felt welcome in Muskegon and believes it to be a strong community that bands together to help one another. This summer, you can find Anna enjoying some peace and relaxation along the lakeshore.  

If you would like to explore your giving options, please reach out to one of our Development team members.

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