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Love Our Furry Friends

Pound Buddies Animal Shelter and Adoption Center works hard to “put people and pets together.” Not only do they provide shelter and adoption services, they work to find the right fit of personality and physical needs when finding “forever homes” for dogs.

Thanks to a gift from dog lovers Dan and Sheryl Kuznar, through their Donor Advised Fund, Pound Buddies has launched a new program: Dogs Playing for Life!

“We had a need for secure fencing,” said Lynn Jazdyzk of Pound Buddies. “It allowed us to implement a program called Dogs Playing for Life, where we can introduce dogs to each other and allow them to have group play times. This provides socialization and also allows us to temperament test the dogs. When the dogs are in a pack, we gain a far greater understanding of the personality of each dog, enabling a much better match with prospective adopters.”

Dogs Playing for Life reduces the dogs’ stress level and gives them far greater comfort while at the shelter.  A fenced-in play area also means that potential adopters can see the dogs’ personalities in a social setting rather than a metal cage in a high-stress environment.

“Thanks to the Kuznars, we have been able to increase our adoption rates, make better matches, and improve the well-being of the dogs while they are in the care of Pound Buddies,” said Jazdzyk.

“It melts my heart to see the dogs at play,” said Sheryl Kuznar. “I love Pound Buddies.”

Where ever your heart leads, your giving can follow. And a Donor Advised Fund is the easiest way to make that happen. We’re happy to talk if you’d like to learn more.