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Video created by Angelo Hernandez-Sias

The Youth Advisory Council of Muskegon County is made up of 2 representatives from each of the 16 schools in Muskegon County, give or take. Above, watch current YACers reflect on their time on the council. Below, put their names to their faces, read their testimonials, and follow their work.

  • Niral Patel (Mona Shores)

    Muskegon Youth Advisory Council has been one of my favorite youth organizations to take part in. Becoming a part of it was like becoming a part of an entirely new family. Coming to every single meeting has always put a smile on my face because there have always been new connections to be made. YAC isn’t just a grant-giving organization, it is an organization full of laughter, positivity, and, most of all, bonds. After just one year of being a part of this group I can confidently say that I have met some of the greatest people in my life who are going to do great things with their futures. The impact a group of teenagers can make when they are together in a room for an hour and a half is not even considered until you are in the room yourself, hearing the ideas that are coming out of their mouths.” –Niral Patel (Mona Shores)



    Kennedy Porter (Holton)


    “Whether we’re granting money to teachers or volunteering at events hosted by organizations we fund, YAC is where youth give back to their community to make it a better place. It is an amazing group to be a part of, and everyone is like family. We like to help out our community and have fun together.”  –Kennedy Porter (Holton)




    Brianna White (Homeschool)


    “I went into YAC in my sophomore year knowing little about philanthropy and leadership. Through YAC, I have grown into a better leader and listener. YAC has taught me more acutely the value of community service.” –Brianna White (Homeschool)


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