Our Values & Priorities

All grants from the Community Foundation will reflect our values:

Hope and opportunity, particularly for youth
Empowering our community members to have aspirations for a bright future and creating opportunities for them to realize their dreams.

Collaborative community goals and decision-making
Supporting active partnerships that are working together sharing power, resources, and decision-making for the common good.

An inclusive community
Building a welcoming, accepting community that respects difference and actively promotes full participation by all people; a place where everyone has the opportunity to share their voice, to participate in decisions that affect their lives, and to have access to all the community has to offer.

Strategic Grantmaking

The Community Foundation’s vision was reaffirmed in 2022, when the Community Foundation began a strategic planning process to guide where we could make the largest impact with our investments of grant dollars, community engagement, and advocacy. The planning process resulted in three strategic goals:

Advancing Educational Attainment (Education):
  •  Lifelong literacy, including STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and financial literacy
  •  Educational equity (opportunities for every student to achieve their full potential)
Fostering a Dynamic, Local Economy (Community and Economic Development):
  •  Workforce supports, including affordable daycare, housing, job training, and access to skilled trades
  •  Business supports, such as entrepreneurship development and capacity of local community and economic development partners
Enhancing Community Trust and Promoting Prosperity for all (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion):
  • Cultural competency
  • Community outreach, including courageous conversation
  • Promote spaces where all voices are valued

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Additional Grant Priorities

Additional grants are awarded based on individual grant committee priorities. Read more about Grant Committee priorities here.

Grant Guidelines

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Applying for a Grant

All applications for grants must be submitted to us electronically, via our online application process.

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