Community Stories

Civic Engagement Series Bring Neighbors Together

The idea first came about when Antonette Robinson of the Crescent Neighborhood Association wanted to create a Civic Engagement Series, one that would bring neighbors together in a casual, social way to share ideas about current events and provide opportunities to learn more about policy and decision-making in local, state, and national governments and organizations. This is now an ongoing series and we are excited to keep you updated on their progress!

Introducing the Rick M. Murak and Joseph A. Panici Fund

In 2012, Rick and Joe set up an Estate Plan Distribution Agreement (EPDA). Then, in 2013, they started a Build A Fund, which officially became the Rick M. Murak and Joseph A. Panici Fund this year! Please join us in celebrating their legacy of giving.

Muskegon LEAD Giving Circle Awards Their First Grant

The Muskegon LEAD Giving Circle virtually gathered to select its first grant recipient, the Coalition for Community Development!

Introducing the Love is Love Fund

Jane Otrhalek and Tonya Rund, who are celebrating 25 years together and 5 years as a married couple next month, created the Love is Love Fund in 2019. The goal of the Fund is to help LGBTQ+ individuals and families access the resources they need and to promote equity and advance racial, economic and gender justice in Muskegon County.

United Way and Community Foundation Create Response Fund

United Way of the Lakeshore and Community Foundation for Muskegon County are working collaboratively to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on local families and members of the community. A COVID-19 Response Fund has been created at the United Way. Click below for more information.

Being a Poppen scholar was ‘like having a guardian angel’

When Elijah Curry began as a Poppen Programs scholar, the then-middle school student knew he loved the arts—but he had no idea that, in just a matter of years, he would be living out his dreams as a singer, dancer and actor in New York City.

Mildred Johnson’s Community Legacy

Mildred has left an indelible impact on so many in this community, directly and indirectly, through the organizations that she has served, and friendships she has made, always thinking of others. Thank you for loving Muskegon!

Moving toward healing: Speaking truths about slavery and fighting racism in Muskegon.

Read this indepth article about Dr. Joy DeGruy's recent visit to Muskegon by Anna Gustafson from the Muskegon Times,

Making a Difference with an IRA

Joan Majeski loves Muskegon and adds to her own fund with her yearly IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). She's now honoring her mother's legacy using her RMD to create the Mildred Majewski Environment Fund.

A Pleasant Surprise

In 1998, the Community Foundation was surprised to learn that it had been left $1.8 million as the result of a trust established by Alta Daetz, a second-grade teacher in Muskegon Public Schools for many years.